Consultative Assistive Technology Services

Arizona Agencies: Department of Vocational Rehabilitation & Rehabilitation Services for the Blind/Visually Impaired)

Assistive Technology Assessments:

Assistive Technology assessments are conducted by AT Professionals who will determine possible solutions that address the needs and abilities of an individual’s environment, vocational goals, educational goals, and related activities.

Assistive Technology Training:

Training on all recommended assistive technology devices and tools is necessary not just for the individual using the assistive technology, but anyone who will be working with or supporting the individual using the AT.

Rehabilitation Instructional Services (RIS):

RIS includes a variety of time-limited objective-driven instruction and activities which assist Vocational Rehabilitation clients to prepare for further Vocational Rehabilitation services, to achieve their individualized employment goals.

Orientation & Adjustment to Disability:

  • Integrated set of instructions and teaching designed to provide individuals with disabilities or those who have experienced a significant change in disability with the opportunity to learn and develop alternative skills and compensatory mechanisms that will assist individuals in adjusting to living and working with a disability, enhancing the likelihood of achieving long-term success in employment.

Orientation & Mobility:

  • Training services empower a VR Client to safely navigate through one or more identified environments.

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